Wigan 10 Website   

Instructions for adding images to the Website
Just a word of warning. The Website laods very slowly. You will need to give it time.
Open up the Dashboard which should look like this.


Click Media

This should come up.
Click Add New at the top of the page.

Click Select Files

From your Hard Drive select the files you want. You can Highlight them all and then click Open

Your Images should now appear here.

Click Foo Gallery

Click Add Gallery

Put in your title for the Gallery i.e. Your Name. Then click Add Media.

Click the Images you want and then click Add Media.

Now go to Pages and Double Click your name.

This Page will come. It may take a little time until Default Editor and Use Visual Builder appear.

On the same Page scroll down to The Divi Builder. Now Double Click your name. Again it is slow to happen.

This Page should come up. You can change any of the wording here.

Scroll down on the same Page until you come to this. Click it and press delete to get rid of the old images.

Now go to the top of the same page and click Add Foo Gallery.

Choose which Gallery you are inserting. Click Insert Gallery. See below before you do this.

The images will come where the curser is. Click at the end of the last time and press Return twice. The images above will then appear here. The click Save and Exit.

Higher on the same page click Update.

That should be it.
Hope it works.